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Advice for Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is one of the most common and unfortunate body ailments that is experienced by 85% of the people during their lifetime. Be it because of trivial causes like wrong posture or muscle strain or because of systemic illnesses like osteoporosis or arthritis, lower back pain can be really frustrating and distressing. Here, we will discuss some home remedies and some scientifically proven ways of confronting lower back pain.

Improving and maintaining correct posture: Incorrect posture is the most common cause of LBP which can be easily countered by trying to stay in the right posture by keeping our back straight and by straight, we mean naturally straight without any stiffness or tension. Sitting in a bent posture for a long time can have dramatic effects on our vertebral column causing it to change its shape permanently. Our skeleton is designed in a way to keep our shoulders in alignment with our body. A loose body figure can result in forward hunched shoulders which can put excessive stress on our spine. Therefore, we should sit straight with our shoulders in alignment with our pelvic girdle.

Physical exercise: Strong and flexible muscles can improve the endurance and stamina of our body multifold. Stretching and strengthening exercises release stress that is built inside our body due to accumulation of lactic acid. Physical exercise has proven to be effective as it keeps our entire system active which keeps our spinal cord from rest or rigorous and relentless work. This inertia of our vertebral column causes it to stay in a gentle moving state allowing its lubrication.

Physiotherapy/Massage Therapy: “If you’re dealing with back pain, Physiotherapy/massage therapy may be just what the doctor ordered.” Physiotherapy/massage therapy is the natural therapy without any chemical assimilation that brings together the balance of mind and body with utmost expedition and relieves all kinds of physical pain, LBP.

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