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Dr. Alex Tymoshenko graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 2020 and prior to that received his undergraduate degree from the University of Western Ontario. His journey into chiropractic actually began when he was young and saw his father treating patients as a chiropractor. He was amazed at the results of patients coming into the clinic in pain and leaving in better condition and in better spirits than when they came in. Fast forward a few years and Dr. Alex became an Olympic weightlifting coach. During his time as a coach, he saw many athletes become injured and wanted to be able to do more for them which is what brought him to chiropractic college.

Through his time at chiropractic college Dr. Alex learned a host of treatment methods and strives to bring his knowledge and experience in the chiropractic and fitness worlds to his patients. Dr. Alex believes that the human body has but one purpose, to move. If it loses that, it loses the grace and beauty of its design. So, he incorporates movement education and corrective exercise into his chiropractic treatments with the aim of keeping his patients in healthy, pain-free perpetual motion.

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