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Janice Laberge is a Certified Pedorthist which means specialized knowledge in modifying footwear and
the use of supportive devices (orthotics and bracing) to address conditions that affect the feet and lower
limbs. Janice brings her bubbly, exuberant personality with her every time she is in the clinic as well as
expertise. She has been in pedorthics since graduating with an Applied Degree in Athletic Therapy from
Sheridan College and a Kinesiology Degree from York. Thanks to her experience with high-end athletes
in various sports and performance clinics she is familiar with the demands rigorous training places on
the human body and supportive equipment. She also has extensive experience providing for everyone
from the elderly to children as well as those requiring post-surgical care.

Custom orthotics are the most common product a pedorthist provides and early in Janice’s career she
crafted the orthotics in a lab for her patients. This experience increased understanding of their
materials, construction, and customization to ensure they meet the specific needs of each patient. This
is what sets her apart from most, as she can bridge the gap between clinic and lab to ensure each
product is the best possible iteration and highest quality.

Janice also provides custom bracing for joints such as knees, back and elbows, and is familiar with those
best suited for injury prevention, support, or joint maintenance. Bracing is not just for sport as there are
products for ergonomic correction, arthritis, and many clinical conditions.

Compression garments are also another specialty. Patients can benefit from the decrease in swelling in
the feet, ankles and legs as well as improved overall circulation with compression socks. These should
be considered essential to improved health for those whose jobs require them to either stand or sit for
long periods of time.

When Janice is not working, she loves spending time with her husband, 2 young boys and her dog. She
loves to explore all the amazing hiking trails within the area and LOVES doing Zumba.