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We know from the research that pain is not just caused by tissue damage. Pain can be the result of increased sensitivity locally to the injured area but also the nervous system as a whole. Cognition, emotions, negative beliefs about pain and injury, past experiences of pain, stress and anxiety are all pain drivers. Treatment for pain requires treating the whole person, not just the original area where the pain started.

Use of medications for controlling pain is not supported by science and are extremely addictive. The pain research in the rehabilitation community has advanced a great deal over the last 10 years. There is substantial evidence to support for that acute and chronic pain can be helped or eliminated by the help of physiotherapy, massage therapy and chiropractic treatments.

The research supports treatment techniques that desensitize pain input. Gradual exercise in the right direction, use of different modalities like LASER, ultrasound, shockwave therapy, manual therapy, spinal decompression and graded exposure to painful movements turn down the pain signals when used at the right time. Reassurance and education about pain and healing have also been shown to reduce pain and calm a sensitive nervous system.

Minor Injuries And Acute Pain

Not all injuries and pain are caused by a structural fault. We got great help for you if you are in need of pain reliving physical modalities like LASER, ultrasound or electrical stimulation or gradual exercises in the right direction. Our experienced therapist can help you with the immediate diagnosis of the cause of your pain and help you to direct in the right direction to prevent further pain and chronic issues because of it.

Persistent Chronic Pain Conditions And Severe injuries

In some situations, the pain may have been persistent for more time than usual and become chronic. Our expert therapists can help you the determine the common goal to work on improving your chronic pain. It can be done gradually by desensitising tissues by using a modern clinical approach like neurofunctional rehab(P-DTR) or by conservative exercise approach as well as advanced modalities like a shockwave, decompression or electro-acupuncture. After initial assessment therapist can help you to find the root cause of your problem, help you to understand your problem and identify the areas that need improvement and help you to create a plan to deal with it.


Heal and Prevent Injuries

  • Our Therapist takes a holistic approach to recovering from illness and injury, and to overall health.
  • We can help you with work, car or sports injuries.
  • They will help patients become independent in maintaining their health and preventing further injuries and diseases.

Our therapists take a “whole person” approach to heal and overall well-being. It goes beyond one injury or condition and considers the person’s general lifestyle, and how they can be involved in their own care through participation in their treatment. Our therapist, also helps you recover from injuries and illnesses as well as maintain good health so that you can work, play sports, and do everyday tasks without a problem.

Although it’s particularly helpful when you’re recovering from trauma, you can benefit from our help at any time, and at any age. This is because it’s not just a response to negative experiences with your health. It’s also a preventive measure to avoid getting injured and contracting diseases.

Injury prevention

There are several ways that we can keep your body safe from injury without using surgery or medication.
Our therapist can give you a biomechanical analysis. This is a process of assessment, observation, and diagnosis for the best form of treatment. Our therapists have the diagnostic skills needed to not just detect but also avoid muscoloskeletal injuries. One aspect of this is correcting poor technique and posture.

We have a therapist who is working in advanced sports physiotherapy and P-DTR (Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex). As the name suggests, this kind of physiotherapy deals with injury recovery, injury prevention, and improving performance for athletes. Although engaging in sports can be great for your cardiovascular health, playing regularly can negatively affect your body, especially if you have certain bad habits that you might not realize are harmful. Physiotherapy can correct these bad habits so that you get only the full benefits of your physical activity.

Avoiding the need for surgery

In many cases, surgery’s can be avoided by doing simple guided exercises by a physiotherapist which may include back, shoulder or knee surgeries. Our therapists are competent to diagnose your problem precisely and help you with the guiding simple exercises which will help you with recovering even without surgery and avoiding surgery-related complications.


Physiotherapy augments athletic abilities, aids in injury prevention, and increases awareness of how to effectively care for a body destined for intense sports performance. Our therapists are well trained to do your through biomechanical and neuro functional analysis of your movements and body to understand the weakness in your performance. For these reasons, investing in physiotherapy is one of the best decisions an athlete can make to improve and maintain their functional sports life.

If you are looking forward to improving performance our therapist can be one of the best choices in town, please do not hesitate to contact us at 906-636-6665.