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ErgoPad Redux Heel provides rapid relief from heel pain. A recess in the heel relieves the painful and pressure-sensitive area while walking. While the heel is relieved, the tendons on the underside of the foot are relaxed thanks to a specially developed fanning in the arch support. A multi-layer padding ensures a high level of wearing comfort for all day use.

  • Quick action against heel pain
  • Significantly relieves discomfort while walking
  • Relieves the tendons of the sole of the foot


  • Microfiber cover: This cover serves as a comfortable contact surface with the foot.
  • Top layer with Poron upholstery: The EVA layer is provided with a teardrop-shaped window in which the Poron upholstery can be placed. The heel bone is thus bedded particularly softly.
  • Top layer with Poron upholstery
  • Pads
  • Plastic core : The core also has a recess for additional cushioning in the heel area. The plantar fanning relieves the tendons.
  • Bottom cover : The bottom cover ensures a non-slip contact surface with the shoe and contains another Globofit pad in the heel area.
  • Bottom cover


The pressure of our entire body weight rests on the heel. So it is not surprising that many people experience extremely uncomfortable pain in their heels when standing and walking.

ErgoPad Redux Heel softly cushions the painful heel area and relieves the sole. Its special core is optimally designed for the treatment of heel pain. A recess relieves the painful and pressure-sensitive heel area when walking. While the heel is relieved, the tendons on the underside of the foot are relaxed through a specially developed fanning. Together these features ensures quick and sustained pain relief while standing or walking.