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The VenoTrain glider is a practical aid for putting on and taking off medical compression stockings. It can be prescribed by a physician. The lightweight, hard-wearing material makes the stocking glide effortlessly over the arm or leg. It is suitable for compression stockings with an open or closed toe. Saving space and time, it is the ideal companion when you’re out and about.

  • Light, stable and tear-resistant
  • Easy to handle
  • Ideal for travel


Whether open or closed toe – with the VenoTrain glider, you can easily put on any compression stocking in an instant:

  1. Place the non-slip foam base on the floor with the tip pointing forwards.
  2. Place the VenoTrain glider on the top of the base with the green side uppermost.
  3. Place the front of your foot in the marked semi-circle, then push it gently forwards.
  4. Let your foot glide into the donning aid.
  5. Slip the compression stocking, together with the VenoTrain glider, over your foot and upwards (starting, as usual, from the tip of your foot). The stocking can now be easily fitted over your leg.
  6. Finally, pull the VenoTrain glider up out of the stocking at the top band. Done!