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The CoxaTrain is the perfect brace for hip arthritis, combining the most state of the art technology with slimline lightweight comfort.

Using a pelvic support that stabilizes and unloads the pelvis, it has added cushioning to gently massage the muscles around the hip, reducing pain. Meanwhile the thigh support is connected by a dynamic hinge that follows your anatomical movement to improve your gait and unload the hip itself, alleviating the pain and discomfort that comes with hip arthritis.

An ergonomic design that's easy to put on and take off, it's ideal for being worn under clothes so you can get about your day without thinking about it.

Ideal for sports, exercise and daily life, anyone with hip issues doesn't need to look any further than the CoxaTrain.


  • Relieves pain in the lumbar-pelvis-hip region with the gluteal pad and the two friction pads
  • Relaxes the musculature performing the movement by means of an eccentric joint with a trochanter pad
  • Immediately relieves the pelvis and sacroiliac joints through circular compression using individually adjustable tension straps
  • Height-adjustable thigh bandage via the joint splint
  • High level of therapy compliance thanks to breathable materials and the flat height
  • Easy to put on thanks to practical finger loops