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Spinova Immo is particularly suitable for brief immobilization of your lumbar area. It's light plasic shell protects against damaging rotational movements. The shell consists of two sliding halves that can be adjusted to your individual body shape. The patented, height-adjustable Spinova tension belt system allows the tensile force and its precise direction of action to be set.

  • Restricts the range of motion of the lumbar spine protectively
  • Precisely adjustable pulling force
  • For acute care


Before or after an operation and with certain inflammatory diseases, your spine may need to be immobilized temporarily. The same applies to simple and stable vertebral fractures.

Spinova Immo immobilizes the lumbar area and protects against damaging rotational movements. With a lightweight plastic shell for the trunk, it is comfortable to wear. The shell consists of two halves that can be slid into one another. So it can be adapted exactly to your body shape.


  • Conservative treatment of simple, stable vertebral body fractures
  • Pre and Post spinal surgery
  • Post-traumatic immobilization
  • Inflammatory diseases